Lulu and Mike have been described by their alma mater as a "power couple". 


They met on a bus full of student massage therapists, going to their internship with the New York Giants in 2017. They formed an instant connection and realized they share a passion for training and providing service to athletes. Uplift was created as an inspiration from working with their school’s athletic sports massage team, working with triathletes and marathon runners. Mike and Lulu soon combined their love for competitive powerlifting by volunteering at local and state competitions. 

They hope to inspire therapists to never settle into a comfortable routine when working with their clients and to always be curious about how to help an individual return to their peak quality of life.

Worked With:

NFL NY Giants

WNBA NY Liberty

SPEAR Physical Therapy

NYC Marathon
S.O.S Triathalon

NYC Triathalon 

Murder of Crows Barbell Club

Squats & Science