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is pain making it hard for you to perform the activities you love to do?

Has your confidence in your movement decreased?

Has fatigue and stress built up so high it feels hard to recover from?


We will help guide you through the process of getting better, out of pain, and more confident in movement through the use of massage therapy, movement interventions, and mindfulness. 


It is our goal to help improve your daily performance and quality of life. As Licensed Massage Therapists and Strength Coaches, we understand the value of movement and its role in keeping you happy and healthy. Using skills through both of these lenses, we help you get out of pain, improve mobility, and get stronger.


A restorative massage session focused on bringing the body from fight or flight to a state of rest and ease.

Recover & Renew

60 min
90 min


Catered towards those with discomfort, muscle imbalances, and minor injuries. It is a mix of manual massage, coupled with guidance through corrective exercises. 

Mobilize & Adapt
90 min

Pain doesn't mean "stop moving"!

Think of pain as an alarm system for your body. It is your nervous systems way of saying "hey, maybe back off a bit", which is helpful when there is a potentially dangerous stimulus being introduced. But sometimes, that alarm system can be hypersensitive.

Imagine having a fire alarm in your house that turned on EVERY time you cooked. That would be annoying and unhelpful, as there is no real danger. Pain can work in the same way.

Due to the potential psychological and social stress that comes from having some sort of pain, you can actually make yourself hypersensitive to the stimulus, even if there is no real risk, to begin with. This is most often seen with people who have an injury from years ago: biologically, that has probably healed, but our nervous system still perceives a threat to the area.

Of course, if you drop a bowling ball on your foot, there is clearly damage and pain associated with it. This can be said about other acute physical trauma as well.

At Uplift, we help you overcome your pain through the use of massage therapy, guidance through corrective exercise, through the lens of strength coaching and biomechanics, using graded exposure, and help you get more mobile and stronger at the same time.


Four Pillars

*Improve daily performance

*Educate to empower

*Encourage movement

*Treat the person not the


These 4 pillars make up the skeleton that holds us up. Our goal is to help you manage pain, increase confidence in movement, help you reach your potential, and maximize your performance. We believe that you are an athlete at heart and should be treated as such. We instill a winning mindset so you can walk out with less pain, more confidence, and eagerness to discover your inner athlete.

Uplift exists to help resolve the limits on your life due to pain or fear of movement.
We work to help you regain a zest for life!

Eric L

Mike is excellent at his craft. You can expect a comprehensive assessment to find your mobility limitations, followed by extensive deep tissue work on the massage table, and then instructions and a plan for a variety of movements to address your issues. Whether an athlete looking to improve at your sport, or simply dealing with the side effects of poor mobility, Uplift will do a great job fixing you up. Highly recommended!

Iris E.

I had a tremendous amount of shoulder pain, and after a week of pure panic and not knowing what to do to fix it, I decided to invest some money in a message. I will say, I was very skeptical of this working, but I’d heard good things so I decided why not?
Anyways, when I got there Mike met me and was super friendly and asked me a series of questions to fix the problem. The massage was great, I’ve never gotten one but it didn’t hurt and he was super careful around the damaged area. After that, he gave me a series of exercises to make my shoulder stronger, which at first i was also skeptical about… but it worked!!! I currently have little to no pain and if I do feel my shoulder pain, I do the exercises to re-strengthen it, I am more than glad I decided to invest in this massage, and happy I met Mike, a lovely fellow!


Brandon T.

I heard of Mike through a group of highly educated coaches, but had no idea he trained at the same gym I train at. Me and him got to talking and I decided that I would only trust him for my back issues. I don’t have much $, but I’m also very picky about the practitioners I go. So I’m willing to spend the $ for good treatment. Mike is very knowledgeable and a good listener. He’s goes through numerous assessments which many underestimate how valuable they can be. He writes down all of the information necessary that he uses to work with during your session. Then he gives you exercises that are specific to that client that would help them out of pain based on their limitations and explains why those exercises are good and how they relate to his client. If he can, he will try to stretch your session as long as he can. He exceeded my expectations and I already recommended him to a few friends and my mother as well!! Money well spent 😁😁😁

Danielle L.

My appointment with Mike was wonderful! He is so thorough, professional and caring. He carefully assessed all my needs and addressed every one of them then gave me stretches and exercises to help in my healing and prevent further issues. I will definitely be seeing him again when needed and can't wait to go for a wellness massage!

Peter T.

I’m a powerlifter who had been experiencing repeated, severe back spasms that sometimes required prescription muscle relaxers. After a particularly bad spell I decided to see a number of specialists. Mike was first, and after just one session I scrapped my plan and dedicated my entire budget to buying a multi-session package with him. This may be the best decision I’ve made in 2022.

Mike is a true professional—and a lot more—and has both made me feel better (massage and movements) and taught me how to move better (movement coaching) to ward off future issues. He is exceedingly knowledgeable, and just as important, a terrific communicator and listener. It’s also clear that he cares deeply about helping people heal. That ranges from sending check-ins throughout the week to straight up beaming at you when you’ve made any amount of progress—and he means it.

Your search has ended. Go to Mike and you’ll be happy you did.



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