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"Bringing your practice to life,
because life is practice."

― Lulu Pajor


Yoga as a healing modality

“A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return”

― The Bhagavad Gita

Why Yoga Coaching?

Yoga is often practiced in the western hemisphere as a separate exercise, meaning you physically leave your dwelling to devote time to physical postures, and then go home to think about everything else that is going on. In my experience, yoga is so much more than pretty poses practiced on a mat for an hour a week. While that aspect, known as asana is important, that is one subtle layer of the process that is yoga.

Yoga is a complicated system and philosophy that was meant to be practiced and integrated into daily life.
I designed my coaching process to help you integrate, digest, and live out your yoga journey in a way that actually serves you and improves the quality of your life, relationships, and happiness.

Why coaching?
My background is in various team and individual sports. When I had a great coach that was aligned with my values in those endeavors, I was more likely to reach my goals. 

1:1 Yoga Teaching & Instruction
and a growing community of students!

Who's this for

-Beginners to yoga

-Students who always wanted to work 1:1 with a yoga teacher
but have trouble with accessibility to that service

-Yoga students or former yoga students who are ready to
recommit to a yoga practice they have struggled to maintain

-People who are determined to commit to a regular physical and mindfulness practice

-People who want to improve their quality of life and live mindfully

-People who crave connection with others and want support on their yoga quest

Lulu is smart, compassionate, and knows yoga very well on multiple levels. What sets her apart is she is very real and is all about authentic grounded relating which she does very well. She really knows her stuff and cares deeply about self-improvement, helping others, and the practice of yoga.


Lulu is a very thorough and mindful teacher. She listens and is able to pinpoint what I want to do and focus on, even while I'm rambling about something else. I appreciate how much care she puts into our one-on-one yoga sessions.


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