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powerlifting Coaching


Mike's process in coaching is guided by his experience being an LMT, being coached by and mentored by Sean Collins, former owner of Murder of Crows Barbell Club in Brooklyn and current owner of Sincere Training Systems, as well as being a Pre-Script Level 1 Coach.


What you can expect:

-Monthly programming catered towards you as an individual to figure out what game plan works best for you

-Progression/regressions of movements to work around injuries
-Goal-oriented accessory work to amplify performance in the big 3 and to manage the risk of injury
-Weekly athlete feedback forms
-Weekly video check-ins for form critique/any tips on the big 3
-24-36hr email response time for any questions that you may have

-15% discount on UpliftWellness Massage services when they are available

This option is best suited for people who want to pursue strength, especially in terms of the squat, bench press, and deadlift. This is also best suited for those who wish to compete in Powerlifting.

Not accepting new athletes at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

For any other lifting inquiry please e-mail

We are focusing all our energy at establishing our new location in kingston, ny.


I first met Mike years ago through our local gym, and when presented with the opportunity to utilize him as a coach I jumped at the chance. I had been lifting for about 25 years and the last 5 or so in a powerlifting style. While I consumed a lot of material online to further my training and moved a respectable amount of weight, I still ended up with a constantly painful right shoulder, a squat that did not always hit depth, and a conventional deadlift I never was happy with the looks of. I knew Mike would have an ideal knowledge combination of the practical, being a competitive powerlifter himself, and the theoretical on body mechanics from his studies in sports medicine and LMT background. We began only a few weeks before my first powerlifting meet while I was on a basic 5/3/1 program, and he was able to clean up some gross issues with the big 3 in short order. He graciously offered to come to the meet as my handler and his guidance there helped me do far better than had I been alone. After the meet he tailored a program to address my weaknesses and technique flaws in the big 3 with the predominant goal being continued longevity and movement quality over outright maximal weight. In a matter of 4 months I am now benching four times per week pain free whereas before just twice a week would trigger acute shoulder pain and sleepless nights. My squat form and depth is light years better, my conventional deadlift looks much cleaner, and am working to perfect a sumo style that better fits my leverages for the deadlift. I had been resigned to never benching big nor pain free again and fixing that alone would have exceeded my expectations. Mike's weekly videos are filled with great insight, and he's always available to field my endless questions. At the end of the day I couldn't be happier with how much of a help he has been, and his coaching would be extremely valuable to anyone with an interest in strength sports, wether a novice just beginning or someone who's been at it a quarter century and made plenty of mistakes along the way.

- Eric L.

Since I started working with Mike as an athlete, I’ve made tremendous progress in my levels of
strength and overall technique. Thanks to his programming and his ability to articulate
effectively how certain movements should be performed, I’ve been able to break through
plateaus that I’ve struggled with for years. His cuing for all levels of lifters is second to none and
his ability to properly convey what he expects of his athletes shows a strong sense of confidence
in his abilities as a coach. Since working with him I have grown more and more confident in the
way I approach the barbell with each session and have been more excited to push the boundaries
of what I can do than I ever have been. I am the strongest that I have ever been, and I can thank
Mike for helping me get to this stage in my life. I can’t wait to see how much stronger I can
become with his guidance!

- Miguel C.

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