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Setting Expectations: Getting The Most Out of Your Therapy Experience

If you're someone who is in pain and suffering from some sort of injury/pathology, it's important that you go into your sessions with a therapist with proper expectations. We live in the world of surgeries, medications, CBD, aloe vera, magic herbs, wizard crystal healers, and massage therapists that have hands that can cure cancer, so it should only take one session to get out of pain right? The answer to that question is no, probably. Like 95% of the time, no. As the consumer for the service, it is not too often that people come into a clinic with the idea that they may be in pain for a while during treatment, but that's okay because it's a process and ultimately this will help them get back to normal/better performance. Typically there is frustration, emotional attachment to the pain/injury, a preconceived notion of what therapy is like and how quick it should work. Tie it all together with some impatience and a strong desire to be out of pain.

The reality is that it may take multiple sessions, some time, a lot of homework, and adhering to your exercises/self-care regimen. If you walk out of a session feeling a little better but still have some discomfort or pain, that's completely normal and to be expected. If your pain fluctuates throughout the week, that's probably normal too (as long as the trend of pain is the same or less). Sometimes you may walk out of a session pain-free and feeling brand new. AWESOME! We would still recommend you do your homework and maintenance to help reduce the risk of recurrence or come back for another session for a tune-up/prehab. We ask that you please go into your sessions being realistic and open to the process of healing. I guarantee you'll enjoy your experience more. Ask questions and never stop learning about your body.

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