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Need help deciding what session would be best for your goals?

Introducing: Discovery Sessions - FREE 45 minute session focused on assessment, determining goals, and starting a path to get you back to feeling your best. 

If you have chronic pain, an old injury that won't go away, or are looking to improve your confidence and quality in movement, mobility, stability, or strength, then Mobilize and Adapt is the choice for you. Set up a discovery session below to start.

If you are looking for massage services focused around improving tissue health, decreasing hypertonic muscles, improving recovery, managing fatigue, improving range of motion, or to help you manage pain, then Recover and Renew is the choice for you.

  • A FREE phone call to see if we can help, learn more about you, and dir...

    15 min

  • A FREE 45 Minute Session focused on assessment to help determine the b...

    45 min

  • A session that is focused on specific injuries, pains, or discomforts,...

    1 hr 30 min

    225 US dollars
  • Massage focused on improving recovery, performance, managing stress, a...

    1 hr

    135 US dollars
  • Massage focused on improving recovery, performance, managing stress, a...

    1 hr 30 min

    195 US dollars

If you have more questions, feel free to email us at OR Text us at 845-264-2043 to get your questions answered, or set up a FREE 15-minute phone consultation down below. 

I worked with Mike and plan to continue doing so. I have over a decade of gym experience personally and professionally, Mike has me doing movements that I have never attempted but they’re quickly improving my abilities in everyday life as well as in the squat rack. Treat your body to something new

David S.

Mike and Lu are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their craft.

It is reflected heavily in the way they present themselves from the very first step, the corrective programs they provide which they base on assessments individualistic to you which and come from an educated thought process that stems beyond massage therapy, and most importantly in the work which is done and the conversations which are had in the time you spend with them.

Uplift WELLNESS will empower you to be a better you in so many ways with every visit you have.

They are an integral part of my overall health complex, physically and mentally, and I HIGHLY recommend.

Josh K.

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