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Mike LMT, CSC, Pre-Script Lvl 2 Coach


Mike has experience in multiple different settings in the health and wellness realm. The majority of his professional career was spent working in an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Financial District in Manhattan, where he saw patients for anything from TMJ, and frozen shoulder, to hip and knee replacements. Also, he has experience working with the NY Giants, NY Liberty, NYC Marathon and Triathlon, and multiple local-level powerlifting competitions. Mike is experienced in assessment to help form treatment plans, as well as using techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, PNF, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and more.

Mike also specializes in using exercise to help people manage pain. He uses biomechanical principles along with strength training principles to help his clients move pain-free, be more confident, and perform at their best.


Massage Therapy has been a gateway for me to learn more about the human body. It gave me a perspective I never knew I wanted and initiated my hunger to learn more about how the body moves.

Mike is a Licensed Massage Therapist, powerlifting coach, strength coach, and a forever learner of movement and biomechanics. His quest to learn more about training, the human body, and how to move better began when he started training himself in high school. He fell in love with training and let it guide his professional career to becoming an LMT.



He graduated as Valedictorian from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in Manhattan in 2018, where he got his Massage Therapy degree. His passion for learning continues and often spends his free time trying to learn more about treatment, biomechanics, programming for powerlifting, and more. Mike is also a Pre-Script Level 2 Coach and Barbell Coach.



Mike's goal is to show people that they are more resilient than they think and that they have an inner athlete inside of them that has yet to be discovered. Just like athletes, there is usually a level of performance that someone is trying to reach, whether it be to walk upstairs without pain, play with their grandkids, or compete in their respective sport. The processes for all of these goals are the same but have different considerations associated with them. Mike also actively competes in powerlifting in the USAPL in the 110kg weight class. He has goals to qualify for nationals and compete at as high of a level as he can.

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